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Organic Acacia Powder is one of the best medical foods recommended for relieving irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). For people suffering from IBS and spastic colon that is characterized by abdominal pain and bowel disorders, Organic Acacia Powder provides one of the quickest and most effective reliefs. Organic acacia powder is today available in most medical shops and pharmacies. It is a completely soluble fiber with prebiotic effect that is capable of increasing good gut flora and reducing colonic fermentation, gas production and bloating.

Organic acacia powder, when taken as regular part of the diet by a patient of IBS, helps in regulating bowel motility and relieves abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation. Organic acacia powder available in the market should ideally be a purely organic matter with no psylllium, citric acid, insoluble fibers or artificial sweetener added to it. At its best form, Organic Acacia Powder should be natural and unhydrolyzed with no additive colors, flavors, tastes or sweeteners. It should never thicken and should never have any odor or grit consistency. It should be able to dissolve in liquids and soft foods completely without causing any risk of choking to the user.

Acacia is a pure, natural, soluble dietary fiber that is derived from the Gum Acacia. Modern clinical research has revealed that this soluble Fiber Gum when regularly taken as part of the diet can soothe bowel motility, stabilize intestinal contractions and thereby, relieves abdominal cramps and pain. Organic Acacia Powder s have excellent levels of gastrointestinal tolerance and by slowing down colonic fermentation decreases gas and bloating. Having no additional irritants or stimulants organic acacia powder is completely safe for daily consumption both for adults and children. Unlike chemical medications, Organic Acacia Powder being completely a natural product results in no side effects or habits of dependency. Once the IBS syndrome in the patient is relieved, the fiber does not interfere with normal bowel habits and help to maintain the normal state. It helps the smooth running of the gastrointestinal tract in a pain free way day after day without causing any health problems. Being essentially a natural product Organic Acacia Powder can be consumed even throughout life by people suffering from IBS. Being neither a drug nor a laxative nor a strong medication organic acacia powder can be consumed by anybody needing its help. However, although acacia is generally classified as a safe product, it is best kept out of reach of very small children. Similarly, pregnant women or those nursing babies should consult their doctors before consuming Organic Acacia Powder.

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